Wikidata database prototype successfully set up

With kind assistance by the GeoDatenZentrum, I have managed to set up a prototype of a self-hosted Blazegraph database on a Linux server and populate it with a Wikidata dump file from 6.11.2017. I was basically following the instructions on . The import took the virtual machine (64GB RAM, 4 cores, TB) about three weeks. It seems reasonable to use a faster machine next time, also because Wikidata grows at high pace.

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To make the database running properly, I changed some parameters of the config file and the shell script

In addition, the memory swap must be disabled to avoid runtime errors:

sudo swapoff -a

sudo sysctl vm.swappiness=0

If properly installed and poulated, a SPARQL endpoint can be accessed via a http request:

http://[ip address of the server]:9999/bigdata/sparql?